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Why Celebrating X-mas and New Year in Nepal Would Be The Best Idea

Nepal is well popular among tourists and travelers as the destination full of mountains, unique culture and friendly people. But it’s not just that. In fact, in the recent times Nepal has been a go to destination for lot of tourists who are looking to do something different during the holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

If you’re bored of celebrating Christmas and New Year the same old way packed inside the house with booze and food, you can always make your way to Nepal for something more exciting. Not only is Nepal a beautiful place that offers good hospitality, the country itself is comparatively cheaper compared to its western counterparts. And not only that, there are plenty of fun and exciting things you can do.

Nepal being a secular country despite the majority of Hindus, Nepalese people love taking part in all kinds of celebrations. In fact, in top cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, the craze of these holidays are as big as anything out there.



Nepal has a beautiful natural habitat, from never ending landscapes to free flowing rivers and plenty more. If you’re into adventure and want to share an exciting bonding with your family and friends over the holidays, Nepal is definitely a place for you.

You can either head to the mountains for trekking, or even try some adventure sports such as Bungee Jumping, Para gliding, sky diving, rafting, etc. The best part about doing these activities in Nepal is that you can do them during the day and still party all night in a luxurious hotel or resort.



The culture of clubbing and bar parties like in the west doesn’t date too far back in Nepal. However, Nepalese club and pub scenes have definitely caught up. You have had a fun day, and you are looking to relax and put some alcohol in you or you’re looking to dance all night, you will find plenty of options based on your preferences. If you wanna party though, the ideal destinations would be either Kathmandu or Pokhara.

What you’re going to miss from back home?

While it will get freakishly cold in Nepal during the holidays, you most likely won’t be able to experience snow in the cities. The closest destinations for snow would be Fulchwoki, Nagarkot, etc, which are only couple of hours drive away, but it doesn’t snow in the city.

If you’re reconsidering your visit to Nepal during the holidays because you’ll miss your family, just bring them along. Nepal is considerably cheaper compared to, say – Europe tour, and you will still be having ton of fun.

New Year and Christmas especially isn’t just about partying and having fun obviously. There are plenty of churches here in Nepal if you would like to do some praying.

Various travel agencies offer different types of traveling packages to satisfy all your needs. Whether it is trekking alongside the Mt. Everest or paragliding in Pokhara ending the day at a happening pub. Rest assured, you will definitely be coming back for more.

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